Since  childhood Carla  has  been  infatuated  with  animals, and in  recent  years  she's become heavily involved in  Conservation and  animal  welfare,  which  was  sparked  by  writing  and producing  short film 'Grey Future' ; which  portrays  a  devastating  future whereby elephants  and rhinos have become extinct due to the current poaching epidemic.

It became apparent that Grey Future could be most effective in pushing for a (long awaited) comprehensive UK Ivory Ban; and in order to push for this  Grey Future was  screened  at  schools, government events, protests and shared globally by celebrities, charities & conservationists.


This, alongside the admirable efforts of many, led to a petition that forced a parliamentary hearing, and then a consultation which received an overwhelmingly response..

Later this year, a much needed full UK Ivory Ban will come into fruition

Carla has supported many demonstrations and protests, as well as speaking at events with the likes of Chris Packham, Martin Hugh-games, Mark Carwardine, Will Travers; and charities incredibly close to her heart such as The Born Free Foundation, Helping Rhinos, IAPWA and IFAW.

'Grey Future' has taken Carla all over the world to incredible film festivals focused on conservation and animal welfare globally, as well as becoming an Ambassador for IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection of Animals) and Angels for the Innocent. 

Carla is particularly passionate about approaching conservation and animal welfare from fresh and inviting angles, hence her focus on merging drama with conservation.

Twinning her two passions, Carla has now started teaching drama led conservation workshops, for schools, Universities, and even with the incredible 'Born Free Foundation'. 


Later this year Carla will start pre-production for a short film which supports the call for a 'UK fur ban'.

art for film, by Sarah Fleet.2
little Carla!